In order to make a warranty claim for your suitcase you will first have to check if the damage on your suitcase will be classified as a damage covered under the manufacturer warranty. As a manufacturer warranty is a voluntary promise by brand the final decision if a claim will be accepted is being made according to the guidelines of the brand so that you should be aware of the current warranty policy.

Why do I need a proof of warranty?

Many may wonder now why a warranty proof is even necessary. As most brands grant a manufacturer warranty for a certain number of years, the brand needs a document to check how long ago the item has been purchased. As many suitcase models are sold for several years the brand or the retailer can otherwise not determine how long ago an item has been purchased.

Some brands additionally only grant the warranty to the initial purchaser of the item and not to any consecutive owners. In such cases the warranty proof is also used to identify the initial purchaser of the item.


What does the warranty proof look like?

The proof of warranty may look different for different brands. Most brands require to keep the initial purchase receipt / invoice as a proof of warranty. It is important that the model number, purchase price and date can still be read on the receipt. As the color on receipt and invoices may fade over time we recommend creating an account on and to register your suitcase. In your account you also have the option of uploading the receipt for each of your suitcases for future warranty claims.

Some brands (e.g. Samsonite) additionally provide a warranty card to make a warranty claim. This warranty card is typically located inside the suitcase when it is purchased, shows the date of purchase and is stamped by the retailer.

What can I do if I have lost the warranty proof?

In most cases it will be difficult to obtain a warranty proof if the invoice / receipt / warranty card has been lost. While retailers store transaction data for several years (based on your country) they may not be able to provide you with the original purchase receipt belonging to your order after several years have passed. In either case we recommend contacting the retailer you have purchased the item from to check if they can still provide you with the details. For in-store purchases some retailers are able to match your purchase to a card purchase based on the card number.

For some brands e.g. RIMOWA the suitcases are also equipped with unique serial numbers. In such cases the brand can determine the approximate production date based on the serial number even if a warranty proof is lost.

Where do I have to submit the warranty proof?

You can find further information on repairs within the warranty period and how to claim your warranty on this page.