We all have experienced this before - the handle got ripped without any warning, the wheels no longer run smoothly, part of the wheel broke off or the telescopic handle can no longer be pushed inside.

With our repair guides you get a step-by-step instruction on how to replace your suitcase wheel, handle, zipper puller, telescopic handle or lock. Simply select which part you want to replace, order the necessary spare parts, prepare the required tools and complete the repair within just a few minutes.

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We try to offer the instruction to as many repairs on suitcase.repair as possible. While many repairs can be done at home certain repairs require professional tools, heavier machinery or have a higher risk of you getting injured. For these reasons some repairs will not be offered. If you are uncertain regarding the possibility of a repair please do not hesitate to reach out to our team by clicking the button below.

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Frequent questions regarding our repair guides

Our repair guides are designed for certain types of spare parts and are not made with any specific model or brand in mind.

While the position of the maintenance zipper, the position of the screws or other details may vary between different spare parts and brands the general process is identical for all items.

Of course! Our guides describe the general process of how the repair should be done and can be used for any brand of suitcases. Also, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can check if we can offer you any alternative parts for your suitcase brand.

We aim to offer spare parts for as many brands as possible. Should the brand of your suitcase brand not be listed on suitcase.repair please kindly contact us and we will check if we can offer you an alternative spare part.

If the spare part for your product is currently shown as out of stock our team unfortunately does not have further information. You can however subscribe on the product page to be notified once the product is back in stock.

As an online retailer we currently do not offer any physical repair shop. This has multiple reasons.

One reason is that there is a countless number of different spare parts available which cannot be stocked in a shop.

Another reason is that most repairs can be done by yourself in just a few minutes saving you the trip to a repair shop.

For more complicated repairs our team can suggest you also suggest you independent repair shops which you can ship the spare parts to and which will help you perform the repair.

Many suitcase brands choose to put tape with soft fabric on the outside on top of the screws. This is done to prevent the screws from rubbing on the fabric on the inside of the suitcase which could cause damage.

The tape has to be removed to perform the repair. If the tape is still sticking well it can be re-applied after the repair has been performed. For older suitcases the tape might no longer glue well. For such cases you can purchase some replacement tape from our shop.

Specific Repair Questions

Repairing the suitcase takes between 5 and 20 minutes based on the complexity of the repair. The time estimate for each type of repair can be found at the top of each guide.

Our repair guides are aimed to be applicable to many different kinds of spare parts. This means that your individual spare part, the position of the screws or the position of the maintenance zipper might be different compared to the images in the repair guides.

If the differences are only relating to details such as the screw location the repair guide is still applicable to your model.

Should your spare part be of a entirely different form factor / type please kindly reach out to our repair team for further guidance on how to perform the repair of the spare part you have just purchased.

Every repair guide states on top the tools required to perform the repair. Typically this includes a phillips screwdriver and in some cases pliers.

Please keep in mind that depending on the spare part different sizes of phillips screwdrivers might be required.

While most luggage manufacturers choose to attach spare parts using screws in some cases rivets are used to attach the spare parts.

As the process of removing the rivets and placing new rivets is labor intensive and requires specialized equipment and experience with rivets we do not recommend performing such repair yourself.

You can still order the matching spare parts on suitcase.repair and let a professional perform the repair. Contact our team for recommendations on service providers who can help you with the installation.

If the spare part does not exactly fit this is likely due to choosing the wrong spare part.

Most suitcases use spare parts which are customized to perfectly fit the respective item. Hence, it is important to use the matching spare parts to replace the damaged component.

For wheels it is also possible that the wrong orientation has been selected.

Should you have purchased the spare part on suitcase.repair and you have entered the model number to find the spare part please kindly contact us so we can find a solution.

Possible Repairs

The question cannot be generally answered as it depends on the exact dent.

In many cases the dent can simply be pressed out from the inside with a little strength. Should the dent be tough to push out you can try applying a little heat (e.g. from a hair dryer - but only a little) and try pushing out the dent again.

Many materials such as Polycarbonate have the ability to return to their initial shape. However, for some materials e.g. ABS the area where a dent occurred will be less stable afterwards so that the dent could occur again.

For soft shell suitcases the repairs are much more difficult. In most cases repairing the suitcase will require extensive sewing work which cannot be performed by oneself.

We recommend reaching out to local sewing shops to check if a repair can be performed.

Please note: In most cases the additional sewing will be visible on the outside after the repair. Also, please carefully check the repair cost prior to the repair as it can in many cases exceed the remaining value of the suitcase.

Most hard shell suitcases are made out of materials such as Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, ABS or Aluminum.

For hard shell suitcases with a shell made out of Polycarbonate, Polypropylene or ABS many may consider to simply glue the crack in the shell especially if it is just a small crack. Some websites recommend a two-component glue for such purposes.

While these types of glues are generally capable of gluing these materials the material will not regain the same stability it had prior to the damage. The flexibility of the shell material is essential for absorbing shocks and preventing cracks. The glued area will not have the same flexibility and strength as the remaining shell making it very likely that the existing crack will break open again and likely even get bigger.

As such repair is unsuccessful in many cases and the crack increasing in size could result in some of your belongings getting lost we do not provide a guide for such repairs. Instead we recommend purchasing a new piece of luggage.

Should you already be travelling with the suitcase and do not have the option to purchase a new piece of luggage we recommend using a wrapping service commonly found at airports to prevent the loss of your belongings should the crack widen.